Studying in the US, you need to know these medical insurance knowledge!

To study in the United States, you generally need to participate in US medical insurance (also known as美国医疗保险). Most schools in the United States can only register after they have provided medical insurance certificates.

The following is a detailed introduction of the relevant knowledge of American health insurance(also known as美国医保):

  • Group medical insurance for students in American schools

International students and scholars studying in the United States can usually enroll in the student health insurance program offered by the university, and the student health insurance premium is included in the general tuition list. Students automatically join in the school’s student health insurance program when they sign up for payment each semester.

The insurance recommended by the school is reliable. The premium is usually lower than the market price and the claim is quicker. It is especially suitable for students who are new to the US.

  • The health care fee of the student health service center

American universities generally have student health service centers, which provide basic medical services such as outpatient, emergency, laboratory tests, health consultation, psychological counseling, and vaccination for all registered students. Some schools also have pharmacies.So this type of international student insurance (also known as留学生保险) is very important.

  • Medical insurance for international students during graduation internship

Foreign students with f-1 visa can continue to stay in the United States to participate in a one-year work internship, namely OPT, if they obtain permission from the USCIS after graduation.

Some students’ internship units may provide medical insurance to international students. However, most companies do not provide medical insurance for interns. In this case, it is recommended to buy commercial medical insurance, such as .Huhu insurance(also known as虎虎保险), which is a good choice for international students.

  • How do the family members of international students participate in the medical insurance?

If the spouse or children of the international students come to the United States at the same time, they can tell their school whether the family members can participate in the school’s student collective medical insurance plan as immediate family members. Some schools have student health insurance plans that allow family members to participate, but family members’ insurance premiums are generally more expensive than student insurance.

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