A Few Denying Tactics of Insurance Companies

Whenever you or your family member is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, you have to deal with the insurance company’s claims adjusters and investigators to be compensated. You may feel that the agent is quite friendly with you and shows sympathy to you, but you never feel that their main objective of this behavior to save the interests of their insurance company. In such circumstances, you must hire a Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto to deal with these insurance companies. Here, we elaborated a few denying tactics of insurance companies:

  1. You do not need to hire an attorney as we are on your side

Most of the insurance company’s claim adjuster comes into actions quickly after your accident. They try to be friend with you and show you they are on your side to provide you deserving compensation. But, be aware their suggestions can reduce your compensation claim. The fact is that your attorney is the only one who works on your side and try to get the compensation as more as can.

  1. Trickily they try to get that statement from you, which they can use against you later

It is advised that never talk to any agent or any adjuster of the insurance company without consulting a lawyer. The extent of injuries and harm cannot be measured in the initial days following an accident. It might be possible that you would say,” I feel fine” after few hours following the accident. Thus, that recorded telephone conversation within the first 24 hours could be used later to reject your claim or reduce the severity of your injuries.

  1. They can ask you to sign this medical release so that they can start working on your claim

Just after a few days following your accident, any insurance agent may step into your door with some paper, which they want to get sign from you for starting your claim work. Never sign any paper before speaking to any lawyer as this information can be used later to reject your deserving claim or minimize your injuries as pre-existing conditions.

  1. Denying responsibility to delay paying claims

Sometimes, the victim can work and continue their job while having treatment and rehabilitation after the accident. In such cases, some insurance companies find a way to delay resolution of your claim in order to force you to accept a reduced settlement amount. Such tactics only are understandable by an attorney.

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