We hear the term personal injury claims used a lot nowadays, so what exactly does it mean and what type of claims can be submitted and do they constitute falling under the personal injuries act?


In basic terms, personal injury is used to describe an injury to the body, mind or emotional injury that has been caused by negligent actions or behavior of others. Most commonly claimed on for personal injury are road accidents, work place accidents, assault accidents, falling down in a public place and sustaining injuries accidents and accidents that take place on vacation. These are the most common personal injury claims and you can submit a claim if any of these things have happened to you by the negligence of others. Personal injury also covers any malpractice in the medical or dental sectors. Medical malpractice and negligence claims are a huge contributing factor to personal injury. Personal injury claims are normally settled with financial compensation from the offending party. Claiming on a personal injury suffered by the malpractice or negligence of others can take an indefinite amount of time to resolve depending on various contributing factors such as, Have the offending party got the financial compensation you seek? If you go to court this could be a lengthy procedure as the courts seek to come to a conclusion on whether you have suffered at the hands of negligent others and if so, how much compensation are you due to cover the damages sustained. There is no time precedent that has been set on how long a verdict will take in personal injury claims. In some instances it will be an extremely quick process as the offending party wish to settle out of court, this is normally the case when there is clear evidence of negligence and that could lead to a bad public relations image for the offending company or individual.


Personal injury claims vary from case to case but are based on the negligence and malpractice of others. It is a proven way to receive compensation for the wrongdoings of others.


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