Why pay for losing? You need not do that anymore since you can access guaranteed lawyer services today. No win no fee is the strategy that many successful law firms are applying currently to keep you away from losing the team. It is the best moves that will improve your value as a client therefore you have no choice besides embracing it.

Do you have anything to lose? I guess no so keep on reading to learn more about this technique and why you need to ask your law firm if they consider it in your next suite.

What is no-win no-fee?

This is a technique that guarantees you payment for only those claims that are successfully done by the lawyer in case you claim for compensation. It means that you need not pay legal fee upfront but wait until you successes to pay for it. Basically for pay only when your lawyer is successful. Besides that, you need not spend extra charges from your account since part of the money paid from the claim can be used.

Universal claims that are covered with no-win no-pay

Not all crimes can be based on win no fee basis therefore we have made a priority to include particularly negligence claims to our no win no fee strategy. They include the following

  • Motor vehicle claims law
  • Workplace compensation law
  • Public place compensation law
  • Personal compensation law
  • Professional negligence law
  • Class Actions
  • Many more legal services

How to claim for no win no fee

Inform us of your situation

First of all you need to inform us of your claim by giving us all the necessary information about the incidents. You can call us, and we will arrange your schedule with our solicitor within your city to evaluate your claim.

Our decision

After assessing your claim regarding the information given, we then calculate its success rate and give you appropriate feedback and our option.

Your choice

If you chose to give a go ahead command regarding the option given, then we will. Our first choice, in this case, will be to send letters to a respective defendant to give them an option of doing the following.

Decide to pay charges: if they chose this option our solicitor would negotiate negligence compensation outside the courts

Reject the offer: if they decline to take responsibility, then you will have to take the matter to the court to claim for compensation.

It is a better option since it takes the needs of the client first. Consider this in your next law pursuit and avoid spending poorly.

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