A look at the professional life of Nigel Sharland One might often wonder whether I preferred a practice in Bournemouth to that in London. My answer would be that, I didn’t start out with this plan in mind, and nor do I regret my decision of working here in Bournemouth. Bournemouth is a great place to live in. Located in the southern coast of England with miles of beaches, Burnemouth is heaven—perfect for leading a country life while not being far removed from the complexities of city life.

Nigel Shalrand & his Wife still have an office in London and I enjoy managing the two offices, and meeting customers and clients and satisfying their needs, no matter what the location. It has been a very satisfying professional life I have led so far. With so much experience and years of practice, it is hard not to pick up a few lessons along the way and I am glad I have some for those interested in learning more about the profession.

The important thing to remember is, while location might be a factor in getting clients and customers, what matters is the knowledge about the field you are in. This is true in any career you choose to pursue. You need to hone your core skills, as well as concentrate on the field in accountancy that you are going to specialize in.  These are the skills that you help you survive in an any organization and eventually give you enough experience to help you even open your own thriving accountancy firm.

If you are a resident of Bournemouth or are looking to study in Bournemouth, you can consider applying for the B.A in Accounting and Finance degree in the Bournemouth University. Call Nigel Sharland today for specialist advice.

Another important skill that I have learned is important in the course of my career is communication. Interacting with clients, making them feel at home, and getting to the base of their problems is often essential. You also need to be very good at explaining things, and keep up to date with any recent happening in the field.

For me, accountancy as a profession has been a very rewarding experience. I have got enough time to spend with my family as well as ensure that I devote the required time to my work, and thus the work-home balance has been very satisfying for me. I hope your professional life will be the same.

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