Filing a compensation claim can be an overly exhausting process, but with the assistance of a qualified and experienced solicitor, it can turn out to be a relatively simplistic process culminating in just compensation of the aggrieved party. Persons who have suffered injury to their person and incurred costs in attending to resulting medical issues as well as losing income due to action or inaction resulting in accidents and injury at the workplace are by law eligible and have claim for compensation.



Negligence in providing adequate training pertaining to handling of equipment , exposure to substances detrimental to health and negligence to implement safety measures at the work place by the employer are only but a few examples of cases that would provide a foundation for making the claims. Accident lawyers against waiting too long to initiate proceedings, with the law putting the limit at 3 years from the date of the incident. There are, however, a myriad of circumstances that would mitigate waiving the said limitation period.



Through the solicitor, the aggrieved party addresses a letter of claim to the employer, which includes details of your account of the accident and injuries sustained; physical or otherwise as well as reasons why the employer should be held liable, among other details. After acknowledging receipt of the letter, the employer will then pass it along to the insurance company providing cover for the company. Any discussions thereafter will be conducted between the legal counsels representing the insurance company and the party claiming compensation.



Where an amicable out-of-court settlement is not reached, the solicitor goes ahead to issue proceedings in a court of law. This involves a mandatory completion of court documents, as well as a presentation of medical reports and other documents that support the claim. At this juncture, the outcome lies solely in the hands of the justice system.


personal injury at the work place compensation claims follow the aforementioned typical process with little variations as may apply to specific cases.

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